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Meet the regulatory short term and long term financial requirements for your environmental projects


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Casualty Insurance

Our insurance policy is currently approved in 17 USACE Corps Districts as well as numerous other public sector regulatory agencies.

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are approved in the majority of regulatory bodies. Learn how to become a bondable company.

Long Term Funding

Earn market returns on funds in your long term endowments while insuring principal against investment loss.

Regulatory Guidance

EIA, LLC has over 10 years experience in navigating through regulatory approvals.

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Adaptable Financial Services


Flexible Policy Underwriting

EIA, LLC has developed specific financial assurances to meet federal and state regulatory body requirements.

Secure Assurance

EIA, LLC works alongside carriers that have an AM Best ratings of A and higher.

Distinctive Features

Secure your Credit Release

Take the fast tract, cost effective and reliable financial assurance route. Our policies are ready and approved, thus avoiding potentially lengthy delays executing your MBI & earning your credit release.

Return on Investment

Earn returns based on market indicies without risking your principal, thus meeting the regulatory requirement of a 'non-wasting' endowment.

Regulatory Understanding

EIA, LLC has spent 10 plus years establishing relationships and learning the correct approach to regulatory procedures.

Client Support

We believe it’s important for our clients to not only to meet their financial assurance requirements but assist in guidance through the regulatory waters.

Core features

Paramount Principles of Long-Term Funding

(1) Protection of principal so that a property management funding plan thrives over the long term, often into perpetuity. (2) Nominal returns on accumulated funds in the escrow are consistently sufficient to meet property management budgets. The higher the consistent return on invested funds the lower the required escrow balance.



Underwriting process


Application Instructions

Step one, we will send you an application to fill out along with detailed instructions.

Submission Assembly

Once the application is completed and ready to submit. We will need a few more items such as a statement of qualifications, financial statements, and the mitigation banking instrument or project designs.

The Quote

The submission will be sent to underwriters for approval and pricing. This usually takes a couple of days to a week but can be expedited if needed.

Financial Assurance Approval

When you recieve the quote you are now approved for financial assurance and can bind the policy at your order to do so and secure the approval your mitigation project and the intitial credit release.

Pricing Plan

Choose your financial assurance option

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Robert Spoth

CEO and Founder

Kevin Spoth

Director of Insurance